Friday, July 11, 2014

Stacking Checkpoints with Other Apps to Maximize Earnings

Skip down to Setting Up Your Account if you're in a hurry and just want the bonus for Checkpoints. If you're interested in learning about other money-making opportunities read on.

Combining the below apps I've made a few hundred in gift cards and cashouts with PayPal (actually a few thousand if you count referrals). The trick is to maximize your time and purchases. For example, you can get points on Checkpoints and Shopkick for walking into a single store. Then, you can get bonus points on each app for scanning the same items twice. 

Some apps also reward you for making a purchase. The three below are great because they all give you a post-purchase rebate, which is like a mail-in rebate without the annoying mailing in part. You'll notice that companies will offer run campaigns to promote one of their products and it'll appear on multiple apps at once. That's when you want to take advantage of the deals and get free items, or even get paid to shop.

Say you want to buy a Naked Juice smoothie. Right now Ibotta gives you $1 back, Shopmium gives you $1 back, and Naked Juice has a $1 coupon on their website. Sometimes at Whole Foods Naked Juice is on sale for for $1.50 each. If you use the coupon and get the two rebates you'll be making $1.50 and getting a Naked Juice (which are pretty tasty and healthy).

For both apps you just have to scan the product's barcode then scan the receipt and the money will be added into your account. Be sure not to throw out the proof until they process! Or, if you're going to throw out the product take a picture of the barcode and email it to yourself, you can scan the image off your computer if need be and then scan the receipt again. Usually they'll register the first time but if the images are blurry or the receipt is crumpled and hard to read they may ask you to resubmit.

Check Into Stores and Earn
CheckPoints - Obviously the app that brought you here. Check into stores with your smartphone and scan items to earn points. Cash points out for gift cards at a variety of stores (including Amazon), or earn frequent flyer miles, donate to charities, or exchange for products. Use code BonusCode2013 to get free points when you register. 

Shopkick - Little different since it's not groceries but you get points for walking into a number of different stores, mostly electronics, clothing, and home goods (e.g Best Buy, American Eagle, and Crate and Barrel). Earn extra for scanning items or making a purchase with registered credit card. This is great if you're at a mall where you can easily earn a few dollars while walking around. Cash out for gift cards ($5 minimum).

Use These Three When Grocery Shopping
The below apps all act similarly and can be combined for great savings  or even earnings. You buy an eligible product and then scan the product's barcode and the receipt and they deposit money into your account! The best part is you can use the same receipt and barcode over and over again, and because these are all post-purchase rebates you can stack them with coupons.

Checkout51 - Get cash back for buying groceries or home goods (cleaning products, shampoo, etc.). They rotate new products every week and usually offer 2-3 deals for cash back on essentials like milk, tomatoes, or bananas. You earn $.25-$1.50 for each item your purchase and withdraw your money via PayPal once your account reaches $20.

Ibotta - This is a quickly growing app that started with groceries and home goods but they've been adding clothes, alcohol, movies, and a few other categories lately - even some online shopping. Cash out via PayPal or for Starbucks, iTunes, Regal Cinemas, or Whole Foods gift cards once you reach $10. Ibotta recently introduced team bonuses. Build your team by inviting friends, or use the link here to start with one friend (me).

Shopmium - Like the above two, buy groceries and scan the receipt. Shopmium says they have unique offers but sometimes they match offers from the other apps. Pays out in PayPal and no min for payout! Use code YAAYECRC when you register to get a you free Lindt chocolate bar. 

Scan Receipts (again) and Earn Even More
Receipt Hog - Get points for scanning your receipts from grocery stores, superstores, pharmacies, dollar stores, pet shops, and even beauty supply shops. Each receipt has a really low value (a few cents to a less than a cent per receipt) but you have the receipt anyway anyway and it only take a few seconds. Cash out for Amazon gift cards or through PayPal.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year - Same Code (BonusCode2013)

It's a new year and the Checkpoints app continues to get updated with new offers and ways to earn. But,  the refer-a-friend system has remained the same so far and all bonus codes are worth the same amount. That means that BonusCode2013 is still the bonus code to use for the maximum extra checkpoints for new users. (Hint: all those "hacks" are fake...)

Mr. Rebates

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Setting Up Your Account

On a mobile device and haven't installed the App yet? Simply click Here then download the app and your bonus points will automatically be added! If you're not on a mobile device follow the link link and choose which app, iOS or Android, you want to download.

Alert: Some users have reported a problem when downloading Checkpoints with that link. I've been in touch with Checkpoints and am working on correcting the problem. You can download the app from the app store and then follow the steps below to earn bonus points. Or, scroll down to the last image and make note of the bonus referral code - bonuscode2013 - use that code when setting up your account to earn the bonus points.

If you don't use the code during the initial setup you will not have a chance to go back and input it later. 

setting up your checkpoints account

Once you download the Checkpoints app you'll be greeted by this screen. Choose the yellow Get Started button to set up your account.  

Click one of the options to start the tutorial process and earn 2 points.

Scan an item (literally anything around you with a bar code, to earn an additional 12 points.

Watch the video to earn 1 more point

Pick your "favorite" reward option to earn an additional points. It doesn't matter which reward you  pick, you'll be able to redeem for whichever you want later. 

I suggest registering with an email address. You don't need to worry about using your main email address, I've been part of Checkpoints for years and have never received any spam emails from them. Fill in your contact information and choose a password. 

checkpoints referral bonus code

Be sure to enter "bonuscode2013" in the bonus code box when you create your account. You won't have a chance to go back later and use a referral code to earn bonus points. 

(The maximum bonus you can receive from a promotion code/bonus code when signing up was recently lowered to 50 from 300)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does CheckPoints Really Work?

In short, yes, Checkpoints really works.

The below is a screenshot of the email received after redeeming points for a $25 Amazon gift card. Actually, we were able to check into places, scan items, and earn coins to play the Scratcher and Slots game by testing out Apps using the sister BonusCoins app. Now that we can earn points by watching videos and completed Tapjoy offers it's even easier!

Referral System Updated

Today, Checkpoints updated their referral system making promo/bonus codes less valuable. Now, instead of receiving 300 points (or even the 100 points it was lowered to a few weeks back) new members will only receive 50 points! If you want to get the 50 points now before the bonus is reduced to zero sign up now.

Perhaps this means that they have a lot of members already and are now focusing their money on growing the program instead of growing membership. This could actually be a good think for current Checkpointers since it means we'll hopefully see new earning opportunities within the app.

They've also revamped the reward system for referring a friend. Previously, users would receive 150 points per friend referred, now current members get 100% match of the points their friends earn for 2 weeks. Unless your friend is reallllly into scanning and checking in this likely means less points for you.

Update (8/6/13): Refers now get 100pts per member they refer and 100% match on points earned by that member for the first two weeks (max 7500pts).