Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year - Same Code (BonusCode2013)

It's a new year and the Checkpoints app continues to get updated with new offers and ways to earn. But,  the refer-a-friend system has remained the same so far and all bonus codes are worth the same amount. That means that BonusCode2013 is still the bonus code to use for the maximum extra checkpoints for new users. (Hint: all those "hacks" are fake...)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Using a Mobile Device?

If you're on a mobile device (or even a computer) and haven't installed the checkpoints app yet simply click - this link - to download the app and your bonus points will automatically be added! There's no need to enter a promotion code, it will already be in place.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Setting Up Your Account

(On a mobile device and haven't installed the App yet? Simply click Here then download the app and your bonus points will automatically be added!)

If you've already downloaded the Checkpoints app, open it you'll be greeted by this page (see below). Register with bonus code 'BonusCode2013' to receive free points.

You can explore a little but you should probably register first so that you'll receive points or coins for any actions you complete. Points are what you use to purchase rewards. Coins can be used to play slots or a scratch off game to win big point bonuses.

Register with an email address. Consider using an alternate or 'spam' email address although it's not necessary. Then fill in the info on the screen. Be sure to enter "pointslou" or "bonuscode2013" in the bonus code box so you won't miss out on the free sign-up bonus points.

(The maximum bonus you can receive from a promotion code/bonus code when signing up was recently lowered to 50 from 300)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does CheckPoints Really Work?

In short, yes, Checkpoints really works.

The below is a screenshot of the email received after redeeming points for a $25 Amazon gift card. Actually, we were able to check into places, scan items, and earn coins to play the Scratcher and Slots game by testing out Apps using the sister BonusCoins app. Now that we can earn points by watching videos and completed Tapjoy offers it's even easier!

Referral System Updated

Today, Checkpoints updated their referral system making promo/bonus codes less valuable. Now, instead of receiving 300 points (or even the 100 points it was lowered to a few weeks back) new members will only receive 50 points! If you want to get the 50 points now before the bonus is reduced to zero sign up now.

Perhaps this means that they have a lot of members already and are now focusing their money on growing the program instead of growing membership. This could actually be a good think for current Checkpointers since it means we'll hopefully see new earning opportunities within the app.

They've also revamped the reward system for referring a friend. Previously, users would receive 150 points per friend referred, now current members get 100% match of the points their friends earn for 2 weeks. Unless your friend is reallllly into scanning and checking in this likely means less points for you.

Update (8/6/13): Refers now get 100pts per member they refer and 100% match on points earned by that member for the first two weeks (max 7500pts).